Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I decided, since I`m not as upset at my Person as I first was, that I will change my blog title to something that doesn`t emphasize the negative aspect of our relationship.

We have had internet troubles and I wasn`t able to post this yesterday like I wanted to. But anyways, better late than never right? Just pretend that every time I say "today" I really mean "yesterday".

Today was the first day since last week that I was able to get outside and play. Saturday through Monday it was too wet and rainy to do any real playing. Today was a beautiful day. It was sunny, not too hot, not too cold. Just right. A perfect day to go to the dog park.

Now the last time we went to the dog park I was shy and mostly growled at any person (other than my Person and her family of course) who approached me. Today however, I found myself letting other people pet me. I`m not sure when the realization came to me that not all people were like the awful ones at the vet, but it did. Maybe it was being in the, almost forgotten, sunshine that put me in a good mood but I felt more relaxed around strangers than I ever have.

My Person was going to take pictures but forgot to buy batteries.

Just like last time Rico (a 65lb, one and a half year old, white Siberian Husky) and Precious (a 45lb, six month old, Black Lab) came along but unlike last time, my Person`s mom thought to bring her other dog Belle (a 65lb, nine year old, Golden Retriever). Belle ignored all the other dogs and went straight to their Persons, begging for attention. Precious, just as last time, played with the other dogs and seemed to have a really good time. Rico unfortunately caused trouble and embarrassed me.
Rico thinks its really fun to chase dogs smaller than him and nip them on their back end. It hasn`t occurred to him that dogs smaller than him may not find that form of playing as amusing and tend to be frightened by a huge wolfish looking dog barreling down on them. He chose two particular pitbulls, that were not full grown, to play this game with. They hated his game and were absolutely terrified of him. They, very quickly, tried ending the game by yelping and running as fast as they could away from Rico. Rico took that as an invitation to chase them more. They then, in turn, yelped louder bringing everyone's attention to the chase taking place. Rico was having so much fun that it completely shocked him when the people that belonged to the pits became very angry and accused Rico of being an overly aggressive, BAD (I hate the "B" word) dog. The people then turned on my Person`s mom and began to curse and yell at her to stop her dog from torturing all the other dogs. With all that going on I became frightened and hopped into my Person`s lap (she was sitting on a bench). My Person`s mom tried explaining to the people that Rico wasn`t being vicious towards their dogs, that he was just trying to play but it didn`t work. They took their dogs and, yelling and cursing the whole way, left the park. After they left, Rico went back to being his normal, playful self. While all this was going on, another dog was watching Rico`s behavior very closely. This dog that was watching was one of the biggest dogs I have ever seen. I heard his Person tell my Person that he weighed around 138lbs. He was a South African, something, something, Mastiff (I didn't catch the whole name). He must have thought he was the dog police or something because he would break up any altercation that arose. After the Rico incident he kept a close eye on Rico. Rico, of course not knowing this, ran up to the massive dog and wanted to play. The enormous dog took it upon himself to put Rico in his place (even though to me, Rico wasn`t doing anything wrong). In one swift motion, the colossal dog had Rico pinned down and started growling in his face. Rico screamed like a little girl and promptly submitted to the giant. The Mastiffs person came and pulled him off Rico. Rico, yelping all the way, ran to his Person`s open arms. Rico was shaking and crying for like, three or four minutes straight. My Person and her mom went over him, checking for any wounds that may be causing him to still be whining like a baby, but found none and realized that he wasn`t hurt, just terrified. I, when all this was happening, was once again scared and just wanted to be held. Rico eventually settled down and for the rest of our time at the park steered very clear of his dominator. The Mastiff appeared to be very happy with himself for teaching Rico a lesson. Rico seemed to be very embarrassed by the humbling experience and for the most part stayed very close to his mommy for the rest of the day.

On our first trip to the park, I stayed by my Person in the beginning but then went out and explored the park. This time, since I had already seen all of the park, I stayed by my Person the entire time we were there. I was comfortable with being at the park but I really enjoy spending time with my Person more than with dogs I`ve never met before. I was comfortable with being at the park but I really enjoy spending time with my Person more than with dogs I`ve never met before. My Person said its good for me and that she was very proud of me for letting strangers pet me. Precious and, I think, Rico absolutely love going to the dog park. I like the dog park but don`t think its something I want to do on a weekly basis (which I think we are going to start doing).

Friday, March 13, 2009

This morning I woke up and realized that I am no longer upset at my Person. I have almost completely forgiven her. I still don`t trust her and Precious being alone in the same room together, but I think I`m doing a good job of making sure that doesn`t happen. With that in mind, I decided that I was going to try acting a little bit mopey (I got the idea from an earlier comment made by a fellow blogger) and see if it brings rewards the same as yesterday. Unfortunately it didn`t. Well, let me re-phrase: No rewards in the form of going for a ride to the "dog" park. I did get a few treats out of the act (well...sorta).

I started operation: "mopey dog gets rewarded", as soon as my Person got out of bed. I don`t feel very guilty about this because I still slept up by her pillow (an action that she values greatly). Phase one was to "act" non responsive. That worked until I got a whiff of bacon and eggs and forgot to be non responsive. Resulting in me putting on my best begging face and, of course, coming when she had a small piece of toast to give away.
Phase two was to recover from phase one and, once again, "act" non responsive. I thought it would be easy, now that nothing edible was being given away. Once all the food was put up, my Person asked me if I wanted to go outside. The "act" was again forgotten due to the fact that I was about to wet my fur and the floor.
So, with phase one and two going down the drain, I figured the act was a lost cause and to stop while I was ahead.

I stopped playing the martyr card and went back to our normal routine. My Person still acted guilty about her actions and gave me more hugs and kisses throughout the day but I believe our relationship is healing. I take back what I originally thought about her falling for another dog because if she was, then I don`t think she`d be as demanding for attention from me as she has been.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I am convinced that my Person is trying her best to win me back. She definitely knows that I know what she has been up to.

Today started the same as every other day with the exception of me not laying beside my Person when she woke. I, for the first time in weeks, slept at the foot of the bed. When she did finally wake up, she looked at me with a look of confusion. Most likely wondering why I wasn`t asleep on her pillow as usual. Okay, I have to confess, I felt guilty for treating her this way. I just wanted her to realize that her actions have consequences. To her credit, she didn`t try to drag me by the collar up to her pillow (which has happened in the past) and hug me. She stayed on the bed for a while just staring at me. Her mom came in and sat down beside the bed and started talking about something that involved words I didn`t recognize. So, I`m just laying there thinking of random objects that I`d like to shred to bits when all of the sudden I hear my Person ask her mom: "I wonder how long Aly is going to stay mad at me?". My guilty conscious couldn`t take anymore. I crawled up beside her and rested my head on her pillow. My Person made a soft, surprised gasp and placed her arm around me. I have to admit, I loved snuggling up against the Person I love the most once again.

The rest of the morning went by slowly, normal as usual.

The afternoon, however, was when I knew for sure that I was getting special privileges. Probably guilt inspired privileges. My Person came home (after doing whatever it is that humans do when they leave home) and petted me (not all that unusual). Then she asked me the big, favored, eight worded question: "Do you want to go for a ride!?". Of course, I was ecstatic (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GOING FOR RIDES!). Then my Person, her sister, brother, and mom started looking for the leashes. The only down side of the ride was that they invited Precious and Rico (my Person`s mom`s dog) to go also. The surprise and purpose of the ride was uncovered when we arrived at a park filled with other doggies! It was my first time ever going to a "dog" park. I never even knew such a thing existed! Rico is a very "out-going" dog and loved meeting new friends. Precious had pretty much the same reaction Rico did. I, on the other paw, was a tad bit shy. I think I disguised being shy very well in the form of trying to protect my Person from vicious, hand licking dogs. I eventually relaxed, met some good friends and let my Person meet new friends as well. She was a little too friendly with a few dogs but for the most part, she kept her eyes on me. It was a lot of fun to get to experience all the different smells and sounds. Who ever had the brilliant idea of a "dog" park was a very smart puppy. Aside form being slightly intimidated in the beginning, I had an absolute blast! I`m going to have to remember the words: "dog park".

As I look back on today I see that even though some of my Person`s actions (one being the glorious ride) were indeed guilt driven, I also see that there`s nothing she can do that would keep me from loving her.
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Wow. This is the first time I have ever written a blog.
Maybe you noticed from my pic, but I`m a dog...yes...a dog.

I have recently been experiencing some feelings that I am unable to communicate with my "Person". See, I caught her in bed with another dog. Her brothers new dog actually. I walked into her bedroom and there was Precious (the new dog), and my "Person", laying side-by-side. I froze. I don`t think either one of them saw me so I slowly backed out of the room with my head down.

That happened this morning and ever since, I have been trying to justify why my "Person" would do that. She has had me for almost three years now and I thought I was the only one she needed. I loved her, I played with her, I ran with her, I protected her, so why? Why does she snuggle up to another dog? I`ll admit, maybe I`m a bit jealous...But still, isn`t petting another dog in our bed crossing the line? And with her brothers dog none the less.

I think she realizes something has changed in our relationship. She has been extra affectionate with me as if to make up for her betrayal. More scratches behind my ears. More belly rubs (which no matter how hard I try, I can`t seem to keep my leg from kicking when she gets to the right spot). More baby talk in my face. And most of all, more demands for kisses that I won`t, can`t, give in return.

All and all, I`m not sure how we can get through this when shes the only one who can talk and I`m the only one who, I think, has these feelings. She obviously doesn`t feel the same as I do because she still slips in a few play sessions with Precious when she thinks I`m not around.

I don`t have anything against Precious. Precious was brought into my family a week after David`s (David is my Person`s brother) first dog, Luke, was attacked and killed by a pitbull. The week following Luke`s death was very hard for David. Dave was depressed and whimpered a lot. I felt so sorry for him. Precious was a successful attempt at bringing happiness to David.

Now, a week after having Precious in our family...I find her with my Person! How am I supposed to recover from that??? I know my Person would never have done that had I been in the room. She, as I said before, only pets Precious when she thinks I`m not paying attention. I think the secretive behavior is what hurts the worst.

Only time will tell, but I pray that my Person has not fallen for another dog.