Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I am convinced that my Person is trying her best to win me back. She definitely knows that I know what she has been up to.

Today started the same as every other day with the exception of me not laying beside my Person when she woke. I, for the first time in weeks, slept at the foot of the bed. When she did finally wake up, she looked at me with a look of confusion. Most likely wondering why I wasn`t asleep on her pillow as usual. Okay, I have to confess, I felt guilty for treating her this way. I just wanted her to realize that her actions have consequences. To her credit, she didn`t try to drag me by the collar up to her pillow (which has happened in the past) and hug me. She stayed on the bed for a while just staring at me. Her mom came in and sat down beside the bed and started talking about something that involved words I didn`t recognize. So, I`m just laying there thinking of random objects that I`d like to shred to bits when all of the sudden I hear my Person ask her mom: "I wonder how long Aly is going to stay mad at me?". My guilty conscious couldn`t take anymore. I crawled up beside her and rested my head on her pillow. My Person made a soft, surprised gasp and placed her arm around me. I have to admit, I loved snuggling up against the Person I love the most once again.

The rest of the morning went by slowly, normal as usual.

The afternoon, however, was when I knew for sure that I was getting special privileges. Probably guilt inspired privileges. My Person came home (after doing whatever it is that humans do when they leave home) and petted me (not all that unusual). Then she asked me the big, favored, eight worded question: "Do you want to go for a ride!?". Of course, I was ecstatic (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GOING FOR RIDES!). Then my Person, her sister, brother, and mom started looking for the leashes. The only down side of the ride was that they invited Precious and Rico (my Person`s mom`s dog) to go also. The surprise and purpose of the ride was uncovered when we arrived at a park filled with other doggies! It was my first time ever going to a "dog" park. I never even knew such a thing existed! Rico is a very "out-going" dog and loved meeting new friends. Precious had pretty much the same reaction Rico did. I, on the other paw, was a tad bit shy. I think I disguised being shy very well in the form of trying to protect my Person from vicious, hand licking dogs. I eventually relaxed, met some good friends and let my Person meet new friends as well. She was a little too friendly with a few dogs but for the most part, she kept her eyes on me. It was a lot of fun to get to experience all the different smells and sounds. Who ever had the brilliant idea of a "dog" park was a very smart puppy. Aside form being slightly intimidated in the beginning, I had an absolute blast! I`m going to have to remember the words: "dog park".

As I look back on today I see that even though some of my Person`s actions (one being the glorious ride) were indeed guilt driven, I also see that there`s nothing she can do that would keep me from loving her.


  1. Awwww glad you've forgiven her!
    You seem like a grrrreat dog and it was grrrreat the you stopped my blog,let alone follow me!!!
    I am truly honored!!!
    Love Travis
    P.S I'm following you now!!!

  2. I am glad you have forgiven your mom, we pups have to know when to let them grow a little bit. And the dog park, woot woot, I too love the dog park. So glad that you got to go to one, now the trick is to get them to take you back often. =)

  3. Hello Aly,

    i came over from Manson Dixie's blog ^^ Am really glad that you've forgive your mom. I'm sure you couldnt get angry with her for a long time :] Anyway, have a great weekend!

    best regards

  4. We LOOOOOOOVE the dog park!!! Always a great time with lots of running, playing and sniffing going on. Take it easy on your person. She is only human.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  5. Welcome to the blogging world! Being a dog, we tend to forgive our moms and dads, cause for one thing, they only have two legs and that's not too useful! I love any park that allows me and am glad you discovered all the interesting things that go on there! I found you through Mason Dixie and added your blog to mine to follow!
    Licks xo,

  6. Hi Aly!

    Mason Dixie sent me to woo hi!

    I'll be bakhk to visit again furry soon! I rekhall how skhared I was when I furst started blogging too!


  7. Hi, glad you have joined the DWB world. It IS hard to stay made at our people...even if they deserve it! And I LOVE going to the Park. Please stop by and visit my Blog. I'll be back to check on your adventures soon.

  8. Hi Aly,

    I heard about you on Mason Dixie's blog so I thought I'd pop over and say hi! You are a really pretty girl.

    Do come and visit me sometime!

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. Welcome aboard. We learned from Mason that you had started a blog..
    come by and see us..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. Mason Dixie sent me nice to meet you!! Welcome to the world of blogging!! You are a beautiful dog! :)

  11. Hi...we have come from Mason's blog as well.

    It is nice to meet you! :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  12. Hi Aly,

    I found your site through my friend, Mason Dixie. It's nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends also.