Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wow. This is the first time I have ever written a blog.
Maybe you noticed from my pic, but I`m a dog...yes...a dog.

I have recently been experiencing some feelings that I am unable to communicate with my "Person". See, I caught her in bed with another dog. Her brothers new dog actually. I walked into her bedroom and there was Precious (the new dog), and my "Person", laying side-by-side. I froze. I don`t think either one of them saw me so I slowly backed out of the room with my head down.

That happened this morning and ever since, I have been trying to justify why my "Person" would do that. She has had me for almost three years now and I thought I was the only one she needed. I loved her, I played with her, I ran with her, I protected her, so why? Why does she snuggle up to another dog? I`ll admit, maybe I`m a bit jealous...But still, isn`t petting another dog in our bed crossing the line? And with her brothers dog none the less.

I think she realizes something has changed in our relationship. She has been extra affectionate with me as if to make up for her betrayal. More scratches behind my ears. More belly rubs (which no matter how hard I try, I can`t seem to keep my leg from kicking when she gets to the right spot). More baby talk in my face. And most of all, more demands for kisses that I won`t, can`t, give in return.

All and all, I`m not sure how we can get through this when shes the only one who can talk and I`m the only one who, I think, has these feelings. She obviously doesn`t feel the same as I do because she still slips in a few play sessions with Precious when she thinks I`m not around.

I don`t have anything against Precious. Precious was brought into my family a week after David`s (David is my Person`s brother) first dog, Luke, was attacked and killed by a pitbull. The week following Luke`s death was very hard for David. Dave was depressed and whimpered a lot. I felt so sorry for him. Precious was a successful attempt at bringing happiness to David.

Now, a week after having Precious in our family...I find her with my Person! How am I supposed to recover from that??? I know my Person would never have done that had I been in the room. She, as I said before, only pets Precious when she thinks I`m not paying attention. I think the secretive behavior is what hurts the worst.

Only time will tell, but I pray that my Person has not fallen for another dog.


  1. Hi Aly! What a gorgeous hunka ladydawg you are! Welcome to the virtual pack. Don't be nervous about posting-I was a little awkward at first too but now I've hit my stride. Some days I am too busy in my kennel to post but these dawgs are very forgiving and will never shun you for non-post days. I will warn you-it IS VERY ADDICTIVE! You will find yourself not thinking about your person but thinking what you want to post next. I'm guilty of this! Don't worry about the other dawgs hanging around your person. Your person is quite capable of loving up other dawgs but will always come back to you as her one and only. But it never hurts to play up the dejected look to get extra attention and treats. Well gotta get back to workin' my paws to the bone. WELCOME! I think we'll be sniffing each other quite often.
    Woofs and Welcoming Slobbers!

  2. Pee. Ess. I forgot to tell you, I love lakes and fetching sticks TOO! What a coincidence!

  3. hI THERE aLY.....
    hERE'S both my links... welcome to the doggy bloggy world :)